Applications for UDC Master’s programmes should be made using the online application system on the UDC website.

Registration will be completed through the online registrar according to the dates indicated in the official admissions calendar for UDC Master’s programmes:


Students who got their degree in a country outside European Higher Education Space:

16th of January to 30th of April 2020                       Pre- enrollment period

25th of May 2020                                                         Provisional list

5th of June 2020                                                          Claims period

12th of June 2020                                                         Final List

27th of June to 2nd of August 2020                            Enrolment

Students who got their degree in a country belonging to the European Higher Education Space:

1º PERIOD (April-July, 2020)

April 1st – 10th July                                                     Pre-inscription

July 15th                                                                       Publications of admission list

July 15th – 17th                                                              Claims period

July 22nd                                                                       Definitive list

July 27th – 2nd August                                                 Enrolment

2º PERIOD (August- September, 2020)

August 19th – 31st August                                          Pre-inscription

September 4th                                                               Publications of admission list

September 4th – 8th                                                          Claims period

September 11th                                                             Definitive list

September 14th – 20th                                                  Enrolment

3º PERIOD (September – October, 2020)

September 25th – 1st October                                     Pre-inscription

October 6th                                                                     Publications of admission list

October 6th – 8th                                                            Claims period

October 9th                                                                     Definitive list

October 12th – 18th                                                        Enrolment

Students from Spanish universities will have preference over from Students outside EHEA (as foreign students had extra registration periods).


All of the applications from students with foreign academic degrees, obtained outside Europe, should present the following documentation (this documentation should be translated into Spanish, but if the documentation is in English, it is acceptable):

  • Identity card or passport
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor Degree Study Programs
  • Academic transcript
  • Application form signed by the student
  • Certification issued by the competent authority that expresses that your degree facilitates in the issuing country, for access to the master. Exceptionally, and in a way motivated by the student, it can be replaced by the responsible statement document
  • Rector authorization request for authorization request for access and admission to UDC masters
  • Payment of the admission fees
  • Bachelor Degree and certifications have to be translated to Spanish language. The translations have to be carried out by an official translator authorized by the Spanish Consulate. No official translation will be required when documents drawn up in English, French, Portuguese or Italian. In these cases will suffice the translation made by the person concerned prevailing, if there is a discrepancy, the translation made by the UDC.
  • Original academic transcript and original Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree and academic certification (original and translations) have to be sent, conveniently legalized, or with Hague Apostille in the case of degrees obtained at the universities belonging to the countries that subscribe to this agreement.

Certified Documentation has to be sent, through the Spanish Embassy to the following address:

University of A Coruña

C/ Maestranza 9 -15001 A Coruña-Spain

However, as provided in Article 28.3 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October, when at the time of the formalization of the registration, the student is unable to present the required documentation duly legalized or apostilled, it will suffice for you to submit a simple copy of the documentation question, accompanied by a copy of the request from the legalization or apostille. In any case, if before starting the assessment of the subjects, the student does not submit the documents legalized or apostilled, the registration will be cancelled, by decision of the proposal from the dean/director of the faculty where the degree is given, without the right to return of the public fees and prices paid

All of the applications from students belonging to the EEHE, should present the following documentation

  • Identity card or passport
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Academic transcript
  • The Bachelor degree Study Program

Documentation should be sent to the following address:

E.T.S Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Campus Elviña s/n
15171 A Coruña – Spain

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