Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
University of A Coruna, Spain
Tel: +34 981 167 000 Ext: 1415
e-mail: hgomez (at) udc (dot) es

Carles Bona-Casas - Postdoc

Carles develops computational methods for a variety of biological problems, including blood microcirculation, cellular migration, and cellular sorting.

Jesús Bueno - PhD Student

Jesús develops new computational methods for mechanical the interaction of solids and complex fluids.

Hugo Casquero - PhD Student

Hugo uses large-scale simulation to understand blood circulation in tumor-induced capillary networks.

Adrián Moure - PhD Student

Adrián studies computational methods and phase-field theories for cellular migration.

Guillermo Vilanova - PhD Student

Guillermo develops new modeling and simulation techniques for tumor angiogenesis.

Alba López - Research Grant Manager

Alba is in charge of the administrative and financial  management of the group.

Former students

 Luis Echevarría (MSc)
 Daniel Gómez (MSc)
 Guillermo Lorenzo (MSc)


Francisco Guillén. Professor of Diferential Equations and Numerical Analysis at University of Sevilla.

Rakesh Dhote. Researcher in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto.

Vasileios Vavourakis. Researcher at University of Cyprus.

Ean Hin Ooi. Wessex Institute of Technology.

David González-Rodríguez, Ecole Polytechnique.

Alessandro Reali, Universita degli Studi di Pavia.

Tomás Alarcón, Centre de Recerca Matematica.


A.J. Archer  
Y. Bazilevs 
V. Calo
M. Casteleiro
I. Colominas
L. Cueto-Felgueroso
J.A Evans
J. Fe
B. González
T.J.R. Hughes
R. Juanes
S. Khelladi
E. Knobloch
C. M.  Landis
M.R. Mackley
R. Melnik
F. Navarrina
X. Nogueira
J. Paris
A. Reali
M.J. Robbins
I. Romero
G. Sangalli
A. Soage
B. Taylor
U. Thiele
J. Zu