Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

University of A Coruna, Spain
Tel: +34 981 167 000 Ext: 1415
e-mail: hgomez (at)udc (dot)es

ERC-Starting Grant

Project "MuSIC -  Modeling and Simulation of cancer growth"

Last august 2012, the European Research Council (ERC) awarded Hector Gomez with an Starting Grant to carry out the project "MuSIC- Modeling and Simulation of cancer growth", with a total grant´s budget of 1,4 million of euros and a project duration of 5 years.

The objective of this project is to introduce predictive models for cancer growth. These predictive models will take the form of mathematical theories developed from first principles and the fundamental features of cancer biology. For these theories to be useful in clinical practice, we will need to introduce new numerical algorithms that permit to obtain fast and accurate simulations based on patient-specific data

Although significant progress has been made in the last 50 years in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of cancer, 3.2 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in Europe, leading to approximately 1.1 million deaths. Nowadays, the treatment of cancer is based on the so-called diagnostic paradigm. We feel that the shift from the traditional diagnostic paradigm to a predictive patient-specific one may lead to more effective therapies, and ultimately to lower morbidity and mortality.

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Hector Gomez
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